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IT Consultant

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IT Consultant - Consulting Company

A computer consultant to learn about it, we are going to define a couple of concepts related to the topic of this article.


It is a person or company that provides advice, opinions, being an expert or with a high command of a particular topic and area.

With practical and technical experiences being a professional who helps to improve internal or external processes of a company, organization.

Basic reference:



Technology area that studies the administration of methods and processes in order to store and transmit information and data in digital format. It covers computer systems, technology and all its related disciplines.

Consultor Informático Nicaragua

What does a consultancy do?

A consulting company or computer consultant is therefore a resource used by companies, organizations or state institutions, to analyze situations related to the use of technology, design, methodologies and computer systems.

With the objective of advising companies on the implementation and improvements of new technologies available in the market to ensure measurable results and great impact and development.

First, we analyze the situation:
We study how your company is currently working, what tools you have and how you use them. Both at the software level, as well as systems, means, tools, human resources, equipment, among other relevant aspects.

Second, we evaluate:
The computer consultant assigned to the project evaluates the best options on the market for the result to be achieved.

Consultor Informático Nicaragua

Computer consultant presents solutions:

Thirdly, the client is presented with the different alternatives and the best ways to approach the proposed project so that between them they can define what best suits the company and its way of working.

Implementation of viable solutions and value proposition:
The computer solutions proposed in the previous phase are applied and adjusted as necessary.

General importance:

By evaluating, you make sure to find possible problems that need a solution that improves the production, performance of a company in general. In summary, it is necessary to process all the visible and intangible information to opt for innovative proposals that allow the high productivity of a product or service provided to the final consumer.

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